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Rhynard's Blueberry Farm

Our blueberry season is beginning to wind down. Our hours this week are as follows:

Closed Monday the 26th and Tuesday the 27th
Open Wednesday the 28th and Thursday the 29th
Closed Friday the 30th through Monday September 2nd

Picking conditions have declined to "poor". We have some rows that still have some green berries on them, but they need to ripen a bit. The cool weather isn't helping that happen very quickly. If there are enough ripe berries following the holiday weekend, we may open back up for a few days. We are filling pre-picked orders on a will call basis, if and when we can get them. We do have frozen berries in gallon ziplock bags for sale. We also have honey and maple syrup for sale year round. Call ahead to make sure we are around.

We will be closing for the day on Sunday, August 4th.

The 2019 season is just about to kick off! We will be open tomorrow, July 15th starting at 8 am. There are many large, ripe berries waiting for your bucket. If you'd like to place a prepicked order, give us a call at 989.828.6954. See you soon!

Another blueberry season is upon us! We're currently planning to open mid-July. Give us a call or check back for the latest picking conditions. See you soon!